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Back to the belated Christmas present

Now that I'm feeling a bit more confident about beading, it's time to get back to peering thoughtfully at Dr F's wallhanging-to-be. I am still fairly stuck but at least I've started sketching. While the designs are very much in the early stages, I thought I may as well ask my lovely readers for ideas now. I have been thinking of doing a border design all the way down the left and in the top half of the right borders, and then continuing the curved lines into the border in the bottom right. I have lots of beads available as well as embroidery threads, a couple of colours of 3mm organza ribbon, cotton thong and satin cord, and I was thinking of using those along the curved seam lines, though I may not.

Dr F's quilt - piecing done with binding fabric shown First sketches for Dr F's quilt

B shows a copy of an elevated beading technique I rather like in Nancy Eha's book, but after sketching it I realised that I'd be beading from here to eternity, and that is not the plan. I've done a simplified version in A and C, and if I used bugle beads it would be relatively quick, I hope. In other thoughts, I'm playing with curves ending in scrolls, but it feels like the turtle quilt all over again. I also placed a zigzag over the bit of the bright turquoise fabric where there seem to be be two vertical paler lines, not quite sure what else I could do to play that bit up. Then I did some random playing with spirals and square spirals. Not sure I want big shapes on this, possibly the square spirals though, and maybe I should just try scattering smaller things, like individual beads and little clusters such as barnacles. I've also tried a quick sketch of a winding path, those gorgeous things in the Robin Atkins book which I'd love to try, and that's the one in A which looks like a ribbon - possibly not good placement, but with the next sketch I might start with those. Lastly, the basic lines following the curves in B might be good for quilting lines, if I actually quilt this at all. The combination of piecing, quilting, beading, embroidery, and various ribbony embellishments is making my head spin!

Thoughts and suggestions, folks?

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