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Now that was what I call a quickie

I made an entire quilt today! Well, it's a basic thing with a piece of flannel for each side and then simply tied, and I confess that I embroidered the recipient's name on it a couple of days ago, but hey, it's still quilty. It was great fun, and I now plan to buy a couple more fabrics from the same owl range and put them aside for future baby quiltlets.

Noah's quilt 2

Noah's quilt 1

It took about 45 min to baste, although that doesn't include pressing the fabrics which I did before I embroidered the name, and 1.5 hours to do the tying, then perhaps a couple of hours for the binding. It feels very warm, no doubt because of the flannel. The font used for the name is Curlz. I embroidered the name in chain stitch using a light yellow and pink variegated thread, and tied the quilt using a pale green variegated thread, both DMC embroidery floss. The name shows up nicely, better than in the photos, but the ties read as closer to white than green unless you look carefully, so next time I may go for a stronger colour. They're still very pretty, though, and the new uncle did request green. As a matter of fact, we were hunting for a green flannel to use instead of the blue, but the only ones we found were too olivey. I bought 1.5 yards each and ended up with a quilt that's about 38" x 46", a good size for a baby quilt.

Both fabrics are from the Della range by Valori Wells, chosen by the new uncle (with a bit of guidance from me). I am horribly tempted to get more of them, namely this owl fabric for the back, and then this toning squares fabric and this yellow butterfly fabric for a simple pieced front. The problem is that getting, say, 1.5 yards of the owl fabric (which is all that's left, I'd need to buy it now) and then 0.75m of the other two will still come to nigh on £40, which is a hell of a lot for just stocking up. On the other hand, I'm 33, people have been having babies all around for quite a few years now, and someone is bound to need a quilt sooner or later. It would probably have to be a girl's quilt; I hate gendering baby quilts (and managed to avoid it again this time, huzzah!) but that amount of pink will be seen as girly. My new friend DG is pregnant, but she's only 10 weeks along (and we've not known each long, come to that), and it's a bit early to be booking baby quilts for her. But the owls are terribly, terribly cute.

Actually, one other thing I'm wondering about: the flannel was dead easy to work with at the unpieced level, it smoothed out beautifully when we were basting it and feels delightfully soft and snuggleable. However, it's also produced rather a heavy quilt. Does this matter, or would I be better off sticking to flannel for one side in the future? Come to that, I could always buy a smaller quantity of those fabrics with an eye to using them for one side of a quilt only, say 0.75 yards each (calculating for a doubled version of this block plus basic borders), which brings it down to just under £30, which is still rather a bit. In addition, has anyone hand-quilted something with a quilter's cotton top and flannel backing? I'm thinking about the sofa quilt I'm planning for my parents, where they're requested something very warm. It will be Welsh patchwork and Welsh quilting, and if it helps to know this, I use an Aunt Becky on my under hand while quilting so that the needle bounces off the metal rather than pricking umpteen holes in my finger. Oh, and I've heard that 1/2" seams are preferable for flannel. Do you agree, O gentle readers?

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