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I am officially a noodle

I owe you guys an apology. I had a good reason for moving my quilting blog here, but I didn't do a very good job of it! The reason, in case you missed it, was that I have only just discovered that if you're not logged into LJ, trying to view an LJ post will bring up an ad that covers the whole page before you can get to the blog post. It's intrusive, it's easy to click on the ad by mistake, and there have been incidents on LJ where the ad in question was actually malware. My main LJ blog is something I only really share with other folks on LJ, but the quilting blog is something I frequently refer people to who are not only not on LJ, but quite often only have a basic knowledge of computers and will be more than usually put off by interstitial ads. So DW was the obvious move.

Unfortunately, I'm still very much getting used to DW, and I didn't realise that while OpenID is very easy to use, the default settings for DW didn't permit anyone to comment unless they had a DW account! I've now fixed this. If you have an account with LJ, Blogger or a variety of other places, you should be able to sign in very easily with OpenID now. It takes a bit longer the first time, it takes you back to your original blog and asks for permission and so forth, but on the other hand you then have an option to stay logged in with OpenID on DW, so that after that, commenting should be no harder than commenting on LJ. (Which is more than I can say for Blogger, which subjects you to all sorts of nonsense including CAPTCHAs every single time.) You can also comment anonymously, in which case please remember to sign the comment so that I know who it's from.

I promise that I will continue to cross-post to elettariaquilts, so that you can keep on following that on your friends list, and indeed so that I can keep following it that way. I've disabled comments over there, as I really can't handle two sets of comments on the one post, but there will always be a link to the DW post which will show how many comments are on there. Unfortunately, the image for the number of comments is a little small and blurry: does anyone know how to make it larger?

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