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Time to do some planning

I have a feeling that I have enough quilts planned that I am not quite sure what I should make when, so here's an attempt to organise it.

1. Quilting - finish the turquoise/green baby quilt. I'm about halfway through quilting it. Medium dense Welsh quilting, 49" square quilt.

1a. (I'm too lazy to renumber) Make a hanging sleeve for the turtle quilt in the leftover backing fabric, which my cousin requested ages ago. I suppose this will at least be good for a piecing craving.

1b. Finish off the needle cases for [personal profile] mirrorshard and elfbystarlight, which I pieced ages ago but never finished due to the self-adhesive felt I used for mine being a bugger to work with. A double layer of flannel is the answer, it seems.

2. Beading - allow myself a break in the middle to make the March BJP, which should take a day or two. Repeat this every month.

3. Piecing, embroidery and beading - the little Crazy Women wallhanging. Probably after I finish the turquoise/green baby quilt, though I might allow myself to do the piecing after I finish quilting the blocks, since it's just sewing on basic borders.

4. Quilting - nautilus shell quilt. Dense quilting, 26" x 22" so it won't take as long. This is for a competition, but there are a good few months yet, so I may begin other projects at the same time. It'll be an ideal project to take to the university knitting group, not that I'm well enough to go out to those at the moment.

5. Quilting - Crazy Women quilt. Not very dense quilting, big stitch technique which I'm new to.

6. Piecing and quilting - parents' sofa quilt. The piecing shouldn't be too complex, the quilting will be medium dense Welsh. Might start this after #3, so that I have piecing and quilting on the go at once.

7. Piecing and quilting - the Missoni sofa quilt for DT. Quite small detailed piecing, no idea about the quilting but I expect it will be simple, and possibly big stitch again.

8. Quilting - wholecloth baby quilt using the owl flannel on the back and a toning yellow on the front. This is further down the queue than I expected, and depending on my friendship with DG (who is a few months pregnant), might move up a couple of places.

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