Elettaria's quilts (elettariaquilts) wrote,
Elettaria's quilts

Further adventures of the Crazy Women wall hanging

The main question is: how much more bling does it need, and where? It's hard to give a good idea of beading in a photo, but here it is anyway. I've now added the final border, a 1/4" strip of fabric which is almost entirely gold metallic, and which is in lieu of a binding (and which I now wish I'd made 1/2" wide, but what the hell).

Don't mind that the focal bead is wonky, it hangs down straight when the wall hanging is upright. And excuse the basting threads near the edge.


I'm currently thinking about adding something subtle to the main border, perhaps just a sprinkling of red and/or gold beads. I'm not entirely sure that the main section is finished yet either.

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Tags: beading, crazy women quilt, embroidery, wall hanging
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